Women's Autism Support Group

Aspiring - to be you is proud to host the Women's Autism Support Group

Joining Form

Why have we created this support group?

As a platform that promotes the voice of women on the spectrum we believe there is no true place where women can come together to discuss autism. Everyone has experiences, some different, some similar and  are at such different points in their journeys but all have something to share. Maybe some  share their story, or share an ear to listen; regardless everyone’s opinion is valued and respected.


It is common for many people on the spectrum to deal with similar experiences, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Talking usually helps, but talking with people who “just get it” can be life changing, support groups can aid in reducing isolations, reduce distress, confusion, and improve self esteem.  Talking honestly and openly can help you understand self, and improve your ability to cope with challenges. Maybe even create friends.  

Firstly, we are not specialists, we are just autistic women coming together to fill a niche we think is present. This is peer support that we hope will be beneficial to all who attend. Secondly, this is an online support group.

If you do sign up, you will be emailed a link to a private Eventbrite ticket and a consent form, once you have paid for the ticket you will have access to the session. Thus, filling the form in above is essential to recieve the form and ticket above . We ask for the information above to provide the best support group possible. At the moment we are trialing one session a month at 6PM – 7:30PM every 1st Monday (of the month), this is subject to change depending on numbers. 

We do have a fee, £4 per session, we hope this will enable Aspiring – to be you to continue being a platform that individuals can read quality articles and research. We wanted to make the fee low, as this is a support group and we do not have professionals running these groups, just volunteers from Aspiring – to be you leading and guiding the sessions. We wanted all people to be able to access sessions, and we believe £4 makes this an accessible and an affordable option.  

However, we also wanted to add a fee to maintain the up keep of the ATBU website, this is not free, we also have regular editors, and content creators who are kindly spending time doing all this amazing work for free, we would like to pay the regular creators and editors (those who write opinion articles and edit monthly) a small amount in appreciation of their hard work. We hope you understand. 

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