Dancing with Depression

By E.H

Dancing with Depression 

One step forwards, ten steps back, 
Do I withdraw?
Do I attack?
I am dancing with depression, its hands on my back, 
Captured in the arms of an enemy. 

It takes two to tango, they say,
My partner's depression, who haunts me for days.
I am desperate for this darkness to one day fade. 
But for now the pain shall remain,
Waltzing in the arms of an enemy.

Meeting each other’s gaze, 
Time stops; my heart decays, 
He's spinning me round, my life pulls away,
Please someone help me, I need to be saved!
Saved from the arms of an enemy. 
Numb, broken, hollow, 
My reality is becoming too hard to swallow. 
I’m stuck in today, but long for tomorrow,
Maybe then I can escape this sorrow, 
Escaping my dance with depression. 

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